Friday, September 12, 2008

Atkins Diet

Atkins Diet: The Basics
By: Allrecipes Staff

When your diet is full of carbohydrates (coming from starchy foods like breads and potatoes), your body uses them as fuel. The key foundation of the Atkins Diet is that by limiting your intake of carbs, you force your body to begin burning stored fat. Carbohydrates are restricted in a phased approach, while fats and proteins are generously eaten during the entire program.

How to Eat to Lose:
You can indulge in many foods blacklisted from other diets, such as cheese and sour cream. Meat will be the cornerstone of most of your meals while you're on Atkins, so this won't be the time to covert to vegetarianism! Carbs are greatly reduced, especially in the first week or two, so salads, fruits, vegetables and breads will take a backseat. On the upside: when you can have carrots, you'll be able to flavor them with real butter.

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